We are an international luxury real estate developer committed to redefining the art of living by building sustainable communities. Founded in 1976 by PNC Menon, a legendary innovator in the real estate industry, as an interior design business in Oman, we have established our presence all over the world with developments and investments in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Brunei and India.


The Sobha Group aspires to become the most trusted real estate organisation both regionally and globally.


By pioneering innovative global projects and transforming perceptions on quality, we work to challenge existing norms and standards that will ultimately enrich communities and even society at large.

SOBHA Properties

360 Riverside Crescent
350 Riverside Crescent
340 Riverside Crescent
330 Riverside Crescent
Sobha SeaHaven Sky Edition
Sobha Seahaven
The Crest
The S
Creek Vistas Reservé
Waves Grande
Sobha Gardenia Villas
Sobha Garden Houses
320 Riverside Crescent
Verde by Sobha
Waves Opulence
Creek Vista Grande
Creek Vistas
Sobha Hartland Greens
Sobha Reservé
Sobha Hartland Forest Villas
310 Riverside Crescent
Sobha One
Creek Vista Heights
Crest Grande
One Park Avenue
Sobha Estates
Sobha Water Canal Villas

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